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What machinery is right for you?

Euroservice analyses your requirements and provides
the necessary assistance for the design,
installation and commissioning of the production cycle.

Your machines perfectly efficient

Overhaul, inspection and maintenance services,
both ordinary and planned, on the customer's premises.
This is a Euroservice guaranteed service.

Training in CNC machinery

Thanks to Team Service instruction courses,
your staff can quickly pick up the
necessary skills to use CNC machinery .

EuroService specialises in emergency
assistance on traditional machine tools and
numerical control machines. The called is free!

You can send an e-mail
or call the +39 335 78 55 535.

EuroService is the specialist machine tools company.

Established in 1992 in Pordenone, it is able to supply full-range assistance for anything to do with machine tools, including design and installation of automation and automated work islands.

EuroService designs are "turnkey":

Pre and post - sale support, machine supply, installation, starting up to the production cycle, staff training:
contact EuroService now: write us an e-mail, or
call +39 0434 37 05 63


ST 2000
cnc/teach lathes
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